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W O R K S H O P   D E T A I L S 

Following is an outline of a one-day Introduction to Noh Theatre Workshop. The format can easily be changed to suit the size and needs of a group. Longer and shorter workshops as well as artistic residencies are also possible.


-What is noh? Discuss the history of noh.


-Watching noh. See part of a noh play from Japan on video/DVD.


-The poetry of noh. Explore a translation of a classic noh play.


-Utai: the chant of noh. Learn how to read and chant a section from a noh play in Japanese.


-Shimai: the dance of noh. Learn some basic moves and a section from a noh dance.


-The masks of noh. Make a simple mask from card.


-The music of noh. Learn some basic drum patterns for the ko-tsuzumi (shoulder drum).


-Performing noh. Perform part of a play, involving chant, dance and drumming, for invited guests and/or other students.

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