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Reviews of A Quiet Place, Opera Zuid 2018

de Limburger***** 

The action on stage illustrates how well Orpha Phelan has listened to, and understood the music. 

Place de l'opera *****

Orpha Phelan (director) and Madeleine Boyd (set design & costumes) have opted for a unique setting in which a change of place and time is made clear by means of minimal changes. It works wonderfully well - everything is thought through, with sophisticated lighting from Matthew Haskins and beautiful choreogrpahy from Lauren Poulton. Exemplary. This Quiet Place is a fantastic production, a performance with a golden edge, giving Opera Zuid a great trump card for a successful tour of Dutch theatres, along with a trip to Luxembourg.

de Volkskrant ****

Strong direction from Orpha Phelan.

Opera Gazet 

Orpha Phelan's direction is relevant, inventive, humorous, heart warming. We already know Opera of The Year. ****  A Quiet Place was powerful precisely because director Orpha Phelan did not refer convulsively to historical or current storylines, which are outside the context of the opera itself. The emphasis of this family drama was in the American suburbs where it belongs.

Chapeau Magazine

This production is in the hands of the prize-winning duo Orpha Phelan and Madeleine Boyd.



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