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Reviews of Fiddler on the Roof, Malmö Opera 2017

Timeless drama in a fine setting. Touching acting and heart catching singing bring one to tears in Irish director Orpha Phelan’s finest production at Malmö Opera.

Martin Lagerholm, Kristianstadsbladet

Grand and beautiful like a fresco painting in muted tones. Rich, touching and funny ... Do not miss it!
Yvonne Erlandsson,


In view of today's persecution and refugees flowing across borders, this updated version of Fiddler on The Roof is hugely politically relevant.
Ingemar Olander, Blekinge Läns Tidning


Irish director Orpha Phelan and her artistic team have managed to capture its gripping symbolism. … Malmö opera has launched the autumn season with a very strong and powerful musical.
Johanna Paulsson, Dagens Nyheter

Chic, ingenious, universal. You will laugh and cry for 3 perfect hours.

Gunilla Brodrej,

Director Orpha Phelan is marevellous at roaring folk scenes and ensemble numbers alike. Her Tevye, Philip Zanden is full of empathy and personality. You believe in every word that comes from him, whether it's viciousness, dark humor or deepest seriousness.

David Richter,


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