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Reviews of Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Malmö Opera 2011


Lively, stylish and entertaining. The Tales of Hoffmann must be considered gaming year's biggest bet at the Malmö Opera. No effort seems to have been saved…viewed from any angle it is of international class. Orpha Phelan’s result is outstanding:  it is lively, elegant, entertaining. The fact that the entertainment value is very high, does not lessen the achievement.  

Skanska Dagbladet, 2011



… the obviously talented Irish director, Orpha Phelan… Malmö Opera delivers real romantic art, where the singers throw themselves in the wild waves time and time again…four hours of red hot, broken hearts are waiting at Malmö Opera

Politiken, 2011 


Orpha Phelan’s multi tiered intrepretation is a hit - people from both sides of Öresund should pilgrim walk to this performance.

Sydsvenskan, 2011


It is a long decline into memories, intoxication and madness. But what a magnificent decline, both visually and vocally... The seemingly long three and a half hours fly by... The director Orpha Phelan manages to retain the effervescence in Offenbach’s work without becoming banal for a single moment.  

Helsingborgs Dagblad, 2011 


See it for the sake of the visuals. Hear it for the sake of the vocals.

Berlingske, 2011 



An effervescent, energetic and colourful show...costumes and sets in sharp, daring colours create a magical universe that connects reality with dreamlike delirium.

Jyllands Posten, 2011


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