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Reviews of Dead Man Walking, The Royal Danish Opera 2017


Director Phelan heard the underlying nervousness in Heggie’s music...the stilted, awkward fun of two people looking horror in the eye... [her] hard-hitting production went for the big moments with no holds barred. At the end of the opera, the sure rotation of Nicky Shaw’s set and subtle shifts in Mark Jonathan’s lighting were almost unbearable, coming just as Heggie’s tutti orchestra and singers ratcheted up the tension toward the opera’s climax—the sound of nothing but the death chamber’s mechanics. 

Andrew Mellor, Opera News, 2017

Thoroughly well put together…A strong and moving staging by Orpha Phelan, of a strong and moving work. Too much for anyone…but it is great art.

Søren Kassebeer, Berlingske, 2017 *****​*

Staged with great understanding by Irish director, Orpha Phelan.

Knud Cornelius, Frederiksborg Amts Avis, 2017 *****



No imperfections in this production of Orpha Phelan’s where the staging and design are expansive, yet flexible.

Peter Dürrfeld, Kristeligt Dagblad, 2017 *****


The audience is saved no details. Experiencing this production of Dead Man Walking is like watching a film immersed in a large musical aquarium of emotions. Depicted vividly with cinematic accuracy….this is a sharply staged production.

Politiken, 2017 *****



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